¬ü¤u¹Ï¤ù   Investigation of Current Status in Shiu-gu-luan River System (The 9th River Management Office, WRA, MOEA. April 2006)


The Investigation of Current Status in Shiuguluan River System, through investigation of the basic information, including human activities, socio-economic, hydrologic and physiographic information, bio-environment, ecosystem, etc., is to establish an eco-databank and internet website system to provide necessary information for the water-related agencies and professionals for the management and development of the Shiuguluan River System.

From the research within two years, it knows that Shiuguluan river system classified as the braided river with the habitat pool-riffle type. The hydrological conditions and habitat status are classified as the unstable environment for lotric ecosystem.

Shiuguluan River Basin

The documented biological species as below:

¡» For main stream:

(1)  Aquatic ecosystem with fish 21 species, shrimps 11 species , no crabs species.

(2)  Land territory with mammal 10 species , birds 82 species , amphibian 11 species , reptile 12 species , dragonflies and butterflies 78 species, plants 267 species¡C

¡» For 5 tributaries:

(1)  Aquatic ecosystem with fish 20 species, shrimps 6 species , crabs 2 species.

(2)  Land territory with mammal 12 species , birds 72 species , amphibian 13 species , reptile 15 species , dragonflies and butterflies 88 species, plants 233 species¡C

The Shiuguluan river system with its natural environments limitation and the pressure from human activity (the water pollution , agriculture etc.). Regard as the environment sustainable development, it proposed that the river territory should be zoning for different measure of management, maintain the minimum instream flow (ecological flow), flood control measures with ecotechnology, take the control of pollutant and manage sand mining.

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