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The Water Resources Agency (WRA), MOEA has continually conducted investigations of current status of rivers since 2002 and has completed the investigation of 16 rivers, including Lanyang River, Hualien River, Beinan River, Danshuei River, Toucian River, Wu River, Bajhang River, Puzih River, Zengwun River, Donggang River, Siouguluan River, Jhuoshuei River, Jhonggang River, Gaoping River, Beigang River, and Erren River. The purpose of this project was to establish a database management system (the System) of the investigation result of current status of rivers in order to enhance data integrity, circulation, and accuracy of current status of rivers. This system is to provide information for query and application of current status of rivers and environmental rehabilitation and landscape planning.

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